Manage Your Online Identity

identityWhen it comes to using the Internet and the latest in digital technology, there has never been a generation more plugged in than the current one. Connections are easily obtained through smart phones or the local coffee shop and the number of social media accounts is well into the billions. With so much accessibility, it is more important than ever to take an active role in managing your online identity.

Social media is one of the largest mediums for sharing pictures, making friends, and networking with professionals in your field. For many it is simply a way to share and connect with friends and family; however, social media is becoming increasingly important to employers. It is not unusual for employers to check the Facebook or Linkedin profile of potential employees to get an idea of their character and personality, so it’s important to keep them clean and free of unsavory pictures and comments.

On the flip side, social media can be a great tool for enhancing your online identity. Creating a business profile can be a great way to get your name out there and establish business connections. With a unique identity and a variety of social media accounts you can establish yourself in your industry and stand out to potential employers.

Blogging has opened doors for those that enjoy writing and sharing their knowledge with others. It can be a great way to generate some extra revenue and set yourself apart. Visiting other blogs and leaving insightful comments with a link to your website can also help expand your online identity.

With so much visible online, security and protecting against identity theft should be taken into consideration. Especially if you have several accounts with the same username, it’s a good idea to change the password frequently and check the sites often for any unauthorized use.

Living in the digital age has provided many opportunities for new business experts and the expansion of personal development. With a smart, professional approach to managing your online identity you can reach new audiences with your ideas and rise to new levels in your field.

For more tips about owning your social media identity, check out this video:

Why Social Media?

Since the invention of the Internet in the 1960’s as a shining idea that really took hold in the 1990s with the creation of th worldwide web, the functionality and accessibility of the ‘Net for the average user has increased. This is especially true with the creation of social media. Social media has opened doors for countless individuals and groups to make their voices heard and has empowered them to reach new audiences in a way that they never would have imagined before.

Many see social media as a tool for increasing their social life and circle of friends; however it has so much more to offer. Through social media you can expand your business network to include contacts from across the country and around the world. Individuals are able to create and join groups to support causes and inspire change. It’s a great way to connect with one another to offer support or share common interests. With so much information available on the web, social media is also an important tool for protecting your reputation online .

The benefits of social media for individuals are virtually limitless and they also apply to businesses. Social media is key for expanding your business and helping it thrive, especially during difficult economic times. With tens of millions of social media users logging in on a daily basis in the US alone, creating accounts for your business on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help increase the visibility of your company and help it reach new audiences. A strong online presence will help improve your business’ credibility and provide the opportunity for new customers.

Social media is more than just a bunch of sites for teens or fad that will run its course in a few months and then be taken over by the next big thing. Social media gives individuals a chance to make a difference in the lives of people they may not ever meet in person, to join a group or cause hoping to encourage change in their community or country, and to voice their thoughts, feelings, and emotions — allowing their voices to be heard in a much larger circle. The opportunity and sense of empowerment that people and businesses receive from social media is limited only by their willingness to utilize these sites and it’s a tool that most would be unwilling to relinquish.