Video Sharing for Business

If you’re a business owner or company manager you will already be aware of the enormous importance placed on marketing and public image. What progressive managers of agencies of all types, whether governmental, non-profit or for profit, have known for years is the tremendous benefit of video sharing. There are some web hosting sites that are specifically developed to support videos and video sharing is one of the fastest growing means of communication in most industries. Videos can be used for in-house only information sharing and are also great for marketing and public relations.

video cameraAs your business grows, expands, or even simply survives in a difficult market, it’s important to stay on top of technological advancements. Since these options are changing faster than ever before, they offer more benefits for companies than ever before. Major corporations are finding videos to be an excellent means of connecting across city, state and even national borders and the speed and efficiency at which information, presentations, and other forms strategic planning are shared makes virtual communication as effective as face-to-face meetings. One great idea is to create a company video channel to consolidate all videos into one place for regular posting and updates.

In addition to the in-house effectiveness of video sharing for businesses, the practice also offers a great new means of marketing and communication with consumers. Most video sharing sites offer visitors the opportunity to provide direct feedback through a comment section attached to individual videos as well as on the company profile page. Companies can use these sites as a great way of establishing and maintaining their reputation. The new generation of consumers, which has been raised on the Internet, trusts the opinions they find in feedback posts as much as information brochures and consumer advocacy  findings.

Businesses have long known that, in order to survive, they must stay with the times. The Internet has revolutionized how we shop, for everything, and also where we look for information. Companies, from individual consultants to small firms to large corporations, need to be directing the flow of information and leading potential customers to their products and services. Video sharing, in addition to providing entertainment, is one of the most effective ways to do this

Gabriel Buck is the  CEO and Online Marketing Manager for a lead management and CRM software product